Teens Who are Lost and searching for Love!

 Have you ever come to a point in your life when you ask your self why is my teenager  getting into drugs, hanging out with the wrong crowd, pretending to be something there not, getting into trouble, disrepecting you in front of people and cussing you.

Well all those actions are a way of saying that theres something that there lacking.

And that is Attention, and they want to be Loved. In the inside of there heart there 
SCREAMING for someone to listen to them and How they feel.

Where do these things come from how do they get to that place?

If you as a parent who our hurt inside and our passing through situations. Like depression,
loneliness,seperation,or even divorce. Let me tell you how you can get to that place where there can
be a happiness in your life. Where you can be  healed and you sons and daughters also.

Where can you find this happiness?

You can find it in Jesus Christ. Let me tell you about my Father Jesus he is so wonderful, he
 takes us how we are no questions asked. He never will leave your side. He is always faithfull and you can trust him with everything. The only thing he ask is to come and repent of your sin and and believe in his holy name. Search him and you will find happiness and love. You will see that there will be a new beginning in your life where you will be raised up serving God and seeking his word and praying for your children because thats what they need. They need to see that change in you so they can see something fresh something real. And i can tell you this there's nothing more better in this world than being in the presence of God and Living for Jesus.

Accept Him Today believe that he is going to get you through these situations you are passing through with your children. If you feel in your heart that you are tired of triening that you feel that you have done everything you can to help your children. Put them in JESUS hands and you will see the results.
The Prayer!

Father I come to you today I repent of my sin and I believe in you Jesus that you have died on the cross for me  and i want you to come inside of my heart and change and renew my mind so that i can love in the right way and i can be a good mother, or father for my children that i will seek you in all of my needs and that you give me understanding in your word in Jesus Name Amen.
If you have Prayed that prayer you have been saved ! Amen 
 Every one has a process in this life and everyone passes through situations no one is perfect only
God I encourage you to seek him daily and he will guide you in the right paths. Well God Bless your families and i hope you will come to know my father Jesus Christ.

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