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heartofjesus77's Journal

23 March
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God Bless Everyone! My name is Juliana Guzman, I am Ninetenn years old. I go to Reedemer International Out Reach Center i attend church there. I started going to church on December 31,2009. Every since that day God has renewed my mind and changed me in so ways. I can tell you I have past many situations in my life and i never really knew how to get through them untill I met my father Jesus Christ. He showed me what real love is. He showed me how to just be me that he loves me the way that I am. Our father loves us so much hes always faithful and always ready to listen to us. He never leaves our side. I tell you when i came to christ the people I was hanging around with me that I thought they were my friends but when i turned my life over to christ they all scatterd away. But I found a better happiness in that is being in his presence and his word. He is going to raise all of us up. We will all encounter his Love so i pray to everyone that reads this that they will seek God and come accept him in there life and glorify his Holy name Jesus Christ he is worthy to be praised.